Premium Firewood

Great Barbeque needs great firewood!

We have sourced premium East Texas firewood that can be delivered anywhere in North Texas. Due to delivery constraints, we can only offer delivery at this time for quantites more than 1/4 cord.

Deliveries will come clean and stacked neatly.

Please send us an e-mail to for more information and scheduling.

Species currently available. Due to demand we have limited availability of seasoned wood.

- Hickory - Green

- Post Oak - Limited Seasoned and Green

- Maple - Green

- Mesquite - Green

- Pecan - Green


- 1/4 Cord

- 1/2 Cord

- Full Cord

- Multiple Cords

Custom Sizes

Wood is procured and generally cut to a standard size of 16-18" depending on how the tree was blocked, however we can cut it how you want it with advance notice:

- 4" smoking chunks

- Short 8" Firepit cut

- Standard 16" Log

- Super 24"

- Massive 36" inch cuts for grand fireplaces and pits

- Small Firestarter Split

- Standard Log Split

- Yule Log Large Split

All Natural Charcoal

We can produce all natural charcoal for your specific need with advance notice. Ask us about it at

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